Here comes, DinamoERP

We're thrilled to introduce DinamoERP, our incredible ERP software. With meticulous planning, we've crafted a unique solution to address the challenges businesses encounter daily. Drawing inspiration from savvy business users like yourself, we've fused it with globally recognized standards.

We Got
Our top priority is data security. We implement advanced security measures to safeguard our customers' information.
With constantly updated content and enhancements, we aim to always provide you with the latest technology.
A Bridge
Between your departments by fostering effective communication and collaboration among departments, we manage our projects with a holistic approach.
We Are
An innovative company through our innovative perspective and continuous research and development efforts, we strive to deliver the latest technology to our customers.
About Us
Since 1992, when it started its business life as an ERP software producer, Birlesik Yazilim aims to touch every aspect and every moment of your business life.
We set out to offer you a unique ERP with DinamoERP, the software product of our company. We have designed our Dinamo ERP solutions, inspired by the approach of business users to problems, but in accordance with world-renowned standards. We offer our users ready-made setups for business processes and create a system that can be customized according to the needs of users and businesses. We are constantly updating DinamoERP according to the changing conditions of business life and the changing legislation in our country. We are constantly expanding the application area of our software in order to provide integration between different departments in the companies we serve and to create a strong and reliable bridge.

As United Software family, we continue to follow all technological developments closely and deliver the most innovative and up-to-date technological solutions to our customers during the e-transformation process in our country.

As we continue to develop, we welcome you to our growing world.


Our History


It was first developed in the Cable Industry and Automotive Industry. The original line that separates it from all other ERP/MRP software was drawn in those days.


It aimed to reach more sectors with the name d/7000 by turning it into a general ERP/MRP solution.


The d/7000 windows-based version was named DinamoERP.


Pervasive DataBase software has been renewed to work in Oracle and MsSQL databases.


It has been updated with the infrastructure that can work in foreign languages.


Today, DinamoERP continues to develop with its renewed interfaces, expanding modules, and increasing number of sectors.