Sectors We Serve

Dinamo Plus Planning is an APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) / APO (Advanced Planning Optimization)
software developed by Birlesik Yazilim. It provides businesses with the capability to perform
finite capacity planning and advanced scheduling of operations.

Automotive Subsidiary Industry

Experience and Expertise

DinamoERP+ has extensive experience in understanding the complex structure and specific requirements of the automotive sub-industry to provide tailored solutions to the sector. Our solutions are continuously developed by closely monitoring the current trends and needs in the industry.

Flexibility and Harmony

DinamoERP+ offers flexibility to adapt to the dynamic nature of the Automotive Subsidiary Industry. With DinamoAPI, you can easily integrate with third-party software and seamlessly communicate with OEMs. This enables you to optimize your business processes and enhance efficiency.

Continuous Improvement and Development

DinamoERP+, based on user feedback, constantly performs improvement and development studies. To swiftly and effectively address our clients' needs, we continually add new features and enhance existing ones.

Main Industry Satisfaction

DinamoERP+ has an infrastructure that can be integrated with the main industry. Our customers have earned prestigious quality certifications such as Ford Q1 with DinamoERP+. DinamoERP+; It has brought companies to the desired mature level in criteria such as product quality and safety, delivery performance, operational systems, cost management and continuous improvement. In this way, it has successfully passed the necessary quality assessments and increased customer satisfaction.

Optimize your business processes in the automotive supply industry with DinamoERP+, increase your competitiveness and prepare for the future. Contact us and discover the power of digitizing your business.

Household Appliances Subsidiary Industry

DinamoERP+: Advanced Level for the Household Appliances Sub-Industry Solutions

Household Appliances Subsidiary Industry faces ever-changing market conditions and increasing customer expectations. Competing in this challenging environment the use of an innovative software such as DinamoERP+ to provide an advantage it is inevitable.

Industry Knowledge and Experience

DinamoERP+ has years of experience in understanding the dynamics and specific requirements of the Household Appliances sub-industry. By staying abreast of current industry trends and listening to customer feedback, we continuously offer solutions that are developed to meet their needs.

Flexible Integration and Compatibility

DinamoERP+ users can easily integrate with third-party software and seamlessly communicate with Household Appliances OEMs. DinamoAPI enables fast and reliable data exchange between 3rd-party software, thus empowering you increase efficiency while optimizing your business processes.

Continuous Improvement and Development

DinamoERP+ is constantly based on customer feedback performs improvement and development studies. We assist our clients in optimizing their business processes by providing tailor-made solutions, enhancing efficiency.

Optimize your business processes in the Household Appliances Subsidiary Industry with DinamoERP+, increase your competitiveness and prepare for the future. Contact us and discover the power of digitizing your business.

Machine Manufacturing

DinamoERP+: Flexible and Efficient Production in Machine Manufacturing Management

To remain competitive in the machinery manufacturing sector, effective management of flexible production models is essential. DinamoERP+ is a comprehensive ERP software designed to meet this need for machinery manufacturing companies.

Flexible Production Model Management

DinamoERP+ offers a wide range of products from mass production to custom-made products it offers the ability to easily manage the production range. With the Feature Option, you can create work orders for custom products without the need for repetitive product tree definitions.

Detailed Production Tracking

DinamoERP+ allows you to track production data in detail. Production and posture information, product quantities, quality values and operation data such as notes can be transferred to the system with various screen arrangements. This way, businesses can view OEE, uptime, production speed, and quality metrics on the same screen, enabling efficiency analyses.

Managing Business Processes Efficiently

DinamoERP+ provides machine manufacturing companies with a more efficient business process it offers the opportunity to manage in this way. It supports different production models and operation it provides continuous improvement opportunities by monitoring its data effectively.

Optimize your business processes in the Machine Manufacturing with DinamoERP+, increase your competitiveness and prepare for the future. Contact us and discover the power of digitizing your business.


Metal Manufacturing

DinamoERP+: Reliable Solutions in the Metal Manufacturing Industry

The metal manufacturing sector encompasses a wide range of industries requiring metal parts. In this complex and diverse sector, effective management of processes and efficiency are crucial.This is where a reliable software solution like DinamoERP+ comes into play.

Comprehensive Solutions

DinamoERP+ provides comprehensive solutions to different companies in the metal manufacturing sector. Different types of metal parts such as production, processing, assembly and distribution are specially designed to manage the processes needed at the stages. It has a flexible and customizable structure to meet the needs of businesses at every stage.

Industry Experience and Success

DinamoERP+, long-serving and renowned software solution in the metal manufacturing sector, distinguished by its successes. Focused on understanding the complex structure and specific requirements of the industry, it aims to provide customers with the most suitable solutions. Thus, our customers gain a competitive advantage while optimizing their business processes.

Flexibility and Efficiency

DinamoERP+ provides flexibility and efficiency in the metal manufacturing sector. Also it combines monitoring and management of production processes, inventory tracking, order management, many important functions such as customer relationship management on a single platform. This enables businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Optimize your business processes in the Metal Manufacturing with DinamoERP+, increase your competitiveness and prepare for the future. Contact us and discover the power of digitizing your business.


Packaging- Printing- Label

DinamoERP+: Packaging-Special for Printing and Label Industries Solutions

DinamoERP+, Packaging-Printing and Label sectors, with its user-friendly interface and flexible structure, stand out as a software solution. The primary and ultimate goal in these sectors is to ensure the correct products are used with the right processes at the right time, minimizing error rates in the production process.

Planned and Controlled Tracking of Technical Information

In the Packaging and Printing sector, it's essential to systematically track various technical details such as product structure, color palette, printing type, and direction from sales to production and supply. DinamoERP+ is designed to efficiently advance all these processes, considering the sector's needs and requirements.

Customizable and Flexible Solutions

DinamoERP+, its inherent content and flexible structure enable easy management of all processes tailored to meet the needs of your industry.

Optimize your business processes in the Packaging-Printing-Label with DinamoERP+, increase your competitiveness and prepare for the future. Contact us and discover the power of digitizing your business.

Lighting Fixtures

DinamoERP+: Innovation and Innovation in the Lighting-Luminaire Industry Efficiency

The Lighting/Armature sector is facing us with the most innovative products it is one of the emerging sectors. It continues to evolve with advancing technology and architecture, illuminating our world with renewed products every day.

Data Management

DinamoERP+, Lighting - Fixture sectorinde, from production to sales, from order to assembly, allows you to manage your data in every area you need. Processes such as transferring production plans shaped according to customer demand to the production unit, actions during production, post-sales tracking of the product, service, and assembly can be much more easily managed with DinamoERP+.

Integration and Process Optimization

DinamoERP+ enables you to track processes more efficiently and quickly by integrating with the programs you use, allowing for more organized monitoring. With these integrations, process tracking can be easily done from anywhere, at any time. This enhances the competitive advantage and adds value to the company.

Optimize your business processes in the Lighting Fixtures with DinamoERP+, increase your competitiveness and prepare for the future. Contact us and discover the power of digitizing your business.

Cable Industry

Cable with DinamoERP+ Expertise and Power of Digitalization in the Sector

The cable sector operates in a constantly changing environment with complex processes. Challenges such as material sourcing, production processes, inventory management, and customer relations can impact the competitiveness of businesses in the industry. Additionally, there is continuous pressure to comply with quality standards, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. DinamoERP+ provides businesses in the cable sector with the tools they need to be more efficient and competitive. With automation, data analysis, and an integrated business management platform, DinamoERP+ supports businesses operating in the cable sector to succeed.

Industry Experience and Expertise

DinamoERP+, designed to help businesses in the cable sector cope with these challenges, is an ERP software. The solutions offered by DinamoERP+ are tailored to the specific needs of businesses in the sector.

Productivity and Quality

This software is used in critical processes such as material supply and inventory management, it increases efficiency by providing automation and optimizes inventory management. At the same time, it enhances quality control and reduces production costs by providing the opportunity to monitor and manage production processes.

Competitive Advantage

DinamoERP+ is also integrated for sales and customer relationship management it provides a platform. In this way, customer demands are more effectively it is possible to meet, track orders and increase customer satisfaction.

Optimize your business processes in the Cable Industry with DinamoERP+, increase your competitiveness and prepare for the future. Contact us and discover the power of digitizing your business.

Energy Industry

End-to-End Management with DinamoERP+

The energy sector is an industry characterized by constant change and complexity. Challenges such as efficient use of energy resources, maintenance and repair operations, customer relationship management, and security are encountered. DinamoERP+ serves as a catalyst for transformation and innovation for businesses in the energy sector. With advanced automation, data analysis, and integrated management features, it enables businesses to optimize their complex processes and gain a competitive advantage.

Flexible and Effective

DinamoERP+, specially designed ERP software to assist businesses in the energy sector in overcoming these challenges. This software enables energy companies to manage their core processes more effectively.

Efficiency and Low Cost

DinamoERP+ offers solutions including supply chain management, inventory control, production planning, and maintenance management. These solutions enable energy companies to use their resources more efficiently and reduce operational costs.

DinamoERP+ provides an integrated customer relationship management platform for energy companies. With this platform, customer requests and feedback are managed more effectively, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

DinamoERP+ offers a powerful digital solution to businesses looking to adapt to the changing dynamics of the energy sector and prepare for the future.


DinamoERP+: In the Electrical-Electronic-Computer Industry Make Your Work Easier

The electrical, electronic, and computer sectors have a constantly evolving and changing structure, driven by rapid technological advancements and competitive environments. To remain competitive and enhance efficiency in these dynamic sectors, businesses need to embrace digitization and integrate with smart solutions.

Integration and Optimization of Business Processes

DinamoERP+, operating in the Electrical-Electronics-Computer sector the entire business from the supply chain of the exhibiting companies to the end user, it combines its processes into a single platform. This integrated approach simplifies your operations and enhances efficiency.

Strengthening Customer Relationships and Market Analysis

The CRM module of the software strengthens your customer relations, while the customer help you better understand their demands and develop the right strategies. At the same time, it enables you to monitor your competitors' activities and anticipate market trends in advance.

Customizability and Data Security

With DinamoERP+'s customizable features, managing different versions of your products and tracking inventory levels becomes easier. The Maintenance Module enhances efficiency by monitoring regular maintenance of all your company's equipment, while ensuring necessary measures for workplace and data security.

Take your business digital with DinamoERP+ to stay competitive and support its growth. Reach out to our expert team today and discover the power of digitalization for your business.


Defense Industry-Arms Industry

DinamoERP+: Efficiency in the Defense Industry and the Weapons Industry and Increase the Control

In the Defense Industry and UCAV sector, there are special requirements such as precise timing, strict security needs, and complex supply chain management. DinamoERP+ is designed to cope with all these difficulties. It has a flexible structure to meet industry-specific requirements and provide enterprises with the ability to optimize production processes, manage resources and improve quality it helps with increasing.

Project-Oriented Production Management

DinamoERP+, Defense and Weapon Industry manufacturers, a project-focused production management specifically designed. The software is an ideal solution for planning the research, development, and manufacturing of modern weapons, vehicles, and equipment prototypes. With its end-to-end integrated structure, you can manage all production processes on a single platform and successfully execute complex projects.

Efficiency and Cost Control

DinamoERP+ meets all the requirements of complex production projects or engineering production models based on orders with advanced project management control. This ensures control over costs throughout the product lifecycle and increases supply chain efficiency. Managing long-term orders and other financial incentives also becomes easier, making your business more competitive.

With DinamoERP+, you can operate more effectively in the defense and weapon industry and gain a competitive advantage. Contact our expert team and discover the power of digitizing your business.

Rubber-Glass-Mold Manufacturing

DinamoERP+: Innovation in Rubber-Glass-Mold Manufacturing Key

In the rubber, glass, and mold manufacturing sectors, the requirements for digitization and efficiency are increasing day by day to remain competitive. This is exactly where DinamoERP+ comes into play as an experienced software solution that fully understands the needs of these industries.

Integration and Coordination of Production Processes

In complex sectors such as rubber, glass, and mold manufacturing, integrated management and coordination of production processes are of critical importance. DinamoERP+ enables businesses to track and manage all steps from raw materials to the final product. This integration increases production efficiency, reduces error rates, and improves delivery processes.

Inventory Management and Cost Control

DinamoERP+ is a powerful tool for optimizing inventory management and controlling costs in the Rubber-Glass-Mold Manufacturing sector. With optimized inventory management, businesses can reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary stockpiling and make their production processes more efficient. Additionally, budget control is ensured by tracking material procurement and analyzing costs.

Improving Productivity and Business Processes

DinamoERP+ helps improve business processes and increase efficiency in the Rubber-Glass-Mold Manufacturing sector. With advanced planning and scheduling modules, businesses can optimize their production capacities and improve delivery processes. Additionally, with productivity analysis and reporting tools, businesses can continually assess their performance and identify improvement opportunities.

Optimize your business processes with DinamoERP+, enhance your competitiveness, and prepare for the future. Contact our expert team and discover the power of digitizing your business.

Chemistry - Hygiene - Food Industry

DinamoERP+: Transformation in the Chemical and Food Industry

An effective supply chain management in the chemical and food industries is vitally important. DinamoERP+ enhances efficiency and keeps costs under control for businesses in sectors such as logistics planning, inventory control, and production planning, providing them with significant advantages. This helps them gain a competitive edge in these industries.

Effective Supply Chain Management

DinamoERP+ efficiently manages the workflow process that begins with demand planning in supply chain management, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness. This software precisely monitors and manages logistics planning and inventory control breakdowns. It helps identify constraints in the process and generates effective solutions while strengthening collaboration between procurement and logistics.

Cost Control

DinamoERP+ prevents waste in the workflow process, including time, cost, and quality. It facilitates collaboration between procurement and logistics, effectively tracking the delivery dates of raw materials used in production and the return processes. This enables cost control and waste prevention.

Production Planning and Tracking

DinamoERP+ facilitates the transfer of production plans shaped according to customer demands to production units and tracks the production processes. It enables the creation of product request forms, monitoring of actions taken in production, management of issues experienced during production, and tracking of production and maintenance processes. All of these can be easily followed with DinamoERP+.

Optimize your business processes with DinamoERP+, enhance your competitiveness, and prepare for the future. Contact our expert team and discover the power of digitizing your business.

Plastic Technologies

DinamoERP+: Your Innovative Transformation in the World of Plastics The key!

The plastics industry emerges as a vibrant and transformative force in the manufacturing world. Succeeding in this dynamic sector requires not only innovative products but also smart management of business processes. DinamoERP+ sheds light on the complex processes in plastic manufacturing, offering businesses the opportunity to climb new heights of efficiency.

Increase Productivity in the Plastics Industry

DinamoERP+, plastic technologies and productivity in the manufacturing industry it is a powerful tool to increase. Shipment planning, stock management, material critical such as needs planning, capacity planning and cost accounting DinamoERP+ provides smart and effective solutions to enterprises in the management of processes. This allows businesses to gain a competitive advantage through a planned and efficient production process.

DinamoERP+: Efficiency and Savings in the Plastics Industry

DinamoERP+ for the plastics sector, means that production processes are more efficient and it has a key role in becoming cost-effective. This software is complicated by simplifying production processes and optimizing inventory management, it provides time and cost savings to enterprises.With its quality control and process management features, DinamoERP+ helps plastic manufacturers elevate their product standards and reduce waste, thereby increasing overall efficiency and strengthening competitiveness.

If you're in search of productivity and savings in the plastics sector, contact us to take a step into the future with DinamoERP+. 

E-Commerce Retail

Emerging Trends in the E-Commerce Sector and Market's Share

Today, with the advancement of technology, the e-commerce sector covers a large part of the retail sector. Every day, the market share of this sector is increasing, and all products and services from A to Z can easily be purchased through e-commerce platforms.

The Increasing Need for ERP Solutions

The retail sector, being among the rapidly consumable and mass production-requiring industries, necessitates active tracking of factors like production, sales, and profit. In line with this need, retail businesses are turning to ERP solutions to achieve healthy outcomes.

Advantages of DinamoERP+

DinamoERP+, its flexibility and security, enables businesses to meet customer demands fully and achieve desired results instantly. With this solution, customers can actively monitor their production, track progress, and record their sales figures with the desired level of flexibility.

If you want to stay one step ahead in the world of e-commerce competition, you can contact our expert team at DinamoPlus.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Managing Heat and Efficiency: Heating and Cooling with DinamoERP+ Conversion in Systems

Heating and cooling systems are of paramount importance for the efficiency and production quality of industrial operations. DinamoERP+ solutions enable businesses to effectively manage these systems, providing them with the opportunity to integrate a wide range of processes seamlessly.

The Importance of ERP Programs for Heating and Cooling Systems

 The widespread use of heating and cooling systems brings about the need for ERP programs to enhance the efficiency of businesses utilizing these systems. Solutions like DinamoERP+ integrate a wide range of processes, including stock management, shipment planning, and cost accounting, from production planning to supply chain management.

Advantages Provided by DinamoERP+ for Heating and Cooling Systems

DinamoERP+ offers a flexible structure to meet industry-specific needs. It can efficiently manage all processes, from stock management to quality control, ensuring healthy and efficient operations. This solution enables businesses to integrate a wide range of processes, from production to R&D, in a streamlined manner.

Optimize the management of your heating and cooling systems with DinamoERP+ to maximize your business efficiency and stand out in the industry.

Kitchen Equipment

Efficient Business Processes in Kitchen Equipment with DinamoERP+

In this rapidly changing technological landscape, proper data management and systematic structure are essential for businesses to gain a competitive edge. DinamoERP+ stands out as a strong ally in guiding efficient business processes and taking forward-looking steps in the kitchen equipment sector.

Systematic and Correct Data Flow

The key to instant access to data in every corner of the enterprise! DinamoERP+ provides easy access to data in all departments of enterprises, it ensures the correct data flow. From production to after-sales services, it offers a customizable structure that can meet the needs of every department.

Impressive Production Planning and Customer Satisfaction

Become a leader in the Kitchen Equipment Sector with DinamoERP+. Whether it's mass production or custom order manufacturing, planning production and ensuring customer satisfaction becomes easier with DinamoERP+. Thus, achieving a competitive advantage with efficient business processes in the kitchen equipment sector becomes possible.

Optimize the management of your Kitchen Equipment with DinamoERP+ to maximize your business efficiency and stand out in the industry.

Training and Consultancy

Education and Consultancy Sector with DinamoERP+ It is Shaping Its Future by Digitalization!

The Education Sector has a unique workflow compared to other industries due to its structure. DinamoERP+ offers customized interfaces and workflows tailored to the education sector, thanks to its flexible and functional structure.

Data Security and Advanced Business Processes

Growing and evolving institutions in the Education, Design, and Consulting fields are faced with the need to meticulously control their data. DinamoERP+ addresses this need by securely recording information about teachers, students, and all other personnel, as well as projects.

Data Mastery and Security: Key Factors in Education and Event Management

With DinamoERP+, all processes from educational programs to events can be managed much more easily and quickly. Centralizing all data within the same program enables healthier and more accurate analyses. Data analyses can be performed automatically through DinamoERP+'s user-friendly dashboards. For data security, authorizations are set up using the Business Activity module, ensuring the integrity of the data.

To stand out in the sector and be confident in the future with a more technological infrastructure, DinamoERP+ is always with you to move forward. Get in touch with our expert team and discover the power of digitizing your business.

Fashion and Textiles

Innovative Steps in the Textile World: with DinamoERP Simplicity in Production

DinamoERP+ allows you to manage your product trees efficiently with its feature option feature, optimizing complex product configurations in the Fashion and Textile sector, where continuous launches of new products and rich variety of configurations exist. This eliminates the need for separate definitions for each color and size, streamlining your processes.

DinamoERP+: Lean Production and Make a Difference with Customized Customer Relationships

DinamoERP+, not only provides lean and systematic production management but also allows you to customize customer communication with its CRM module. Stand out in the textile sector with DinamoERP, which has all the features required for advanced company management, and showcase your difference.

Strengthen your leadership in the textile sector with DinamoERP+; determine your difference today with our innovative production and CRM solutions.