Our Solution Partners

We aim to raise our ERP expertise to the next level with the best business partners in the field.
We offer stronger solutions with strong partners to give you the best service.

BEYVEN / Bey Venture Software & IT : Provides Database Maintenance Services.
Bey Venture Software and Information Technologies was established in 2014 and meets the needs of its customers in the field of software and information with its corporate solutions. Along with software project analysis, design, development and support, it also provides maintenance and consulting services on databases. We offer the latest technology solutions that will add value to our customers with the R&D studies we have carried out. Dec.
MOKA / Işbank: Offers Pay Systems Solutions integrated with DinamoERP.
Moka, which entered the sector in 2014 with the aim of providing fast, easy and practical payment solutions, continues to offer the sector payment solutions that will move businesses forward in e-commerce in 2021, taking İşbank's knowledge, experience and experience in the financial sector with it. With the e-money license it received in 2022, Moka aims to serve as a bridge in the integration of the payment world with the digital world by producing fast and competitive services while continuing to grow in its existing business.
NETEKSTRE / Finrota: It offers Open Banking E-Statement Solutions integrated with DinamoERP.
Finrota, Eçözüm Information Technologies A.Sh. it was established in 2001 with the aim of providing pay systems and Open Banking solutions. Netekstre, an Open Banking product, receives your account transactions from banks online as a bank account transactions display service and allows you to view all transactions on a single panel. All collected transactions enable you to receive detailed reports and notifications and are translated into a common data structure and transferred to ERP systems via the web service.
PARAM / TURK offers Electronic Money Paying Systems Solutions integrated with DinamoERP.it is stored in Turkcell, which has the largest data center in Turkey offering the etwork platform. Designed wit
Param is a TURKISH Electronic Currency Company founded in 2014.Sh. as its brand, it is the first licensed electronic money institution in Turkey. It is the first non-bank member of the Interbank Card Center (BKM), the only electronic money institution with all Troy, MasterCard, Visa and Discover card issuing licenses Decrees, and the first and only non-bank member of the BKM TechPOS platform. Param, which is approved by the Central Bank, safely mediates collections with ParamPOS, a virtual POS solution, for every moment when paying by card.
PaynKolay | N Kolay Payment and Electronic Money Organization Inc. offers Virtual Pos Systems Solutions integrated with DinamoERP+.
PaynKolay Aktif Yatırım Bankası is a 100% subsidiary company. The activity expansion application made to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in order to provide POS services to SMEs and corporate businesses was approved in 2020. Paynkolay continues to work to provide easy, comfortable and secure POS services to its customers in this period of increasing digitalization. Businesses carry out their payment service activities through kiosks or cash register POS devices installed in existing workplaces, in addition to their current commercial activities.
TURKCELL / E-Company : It offers Integrator and Data Storage Solutions integrated with DinamoERP.
With E-Company, you can perform the necessary operations for your business on a single platform. it manages your entire financial process with General e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e-Ledger and e-Waybill products under e-Company. Turkcell Data Center is a fully redundant, top-level secure and environmentally sensitive data center certified with international quality standard certificates. The data of the E-Company products are stored in Turkcell, which has the largest data center in Turkey, which offers advanced technology and a superior network platform. Designed with all the needs of customers in mind, Turkcell data center has an infrastructure that offers accessibility at a rate of 99.9%+. In addition, it was built with a seismic floor insulation system that is resistant to a magnitude 9 earthquake.
TrexDCAS / Mert Software : MES offers Software and Hardware Solutions integrated with DinamoERP.
Mert Software & Electronics, which has been producing MES software and hardware solutions since 2003, offers its products to its customers under the registered main brands “trex” and “DCAS”. trexDCAS meets the needs and expectations of its customers regarding information technology solutions on a sectoral basis and provides solution-oriented, sustainable quality and services that support increasing productivity and profitability with on-site support. It is focused only on developing corporate information systems with its staff of software specialists who use up-to-date and advanced technological possibilities. It offers solutions on different software platforms in order to realize the solutions that are most suitable for its customers in their projects. TrexDCAS establishes the digital connection between your production site and your land, and becomes your eyes, ears and hands on the field.